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In Argyll MarPAMM explores how best to plan for the range of Marine Protected Areas to interact with one another and wider marine planning and management. A local officer works with a steering group of stakeholders to:

  • Provide an agreed and shared vision for MPAs across Argyll
  • Identify issues where further information or guidance is required to support effective implementation of MPAs in Argyll
  • Identify benefits that key stakeholders want to see realised from MPAs in Argyll and articulate pathways how these might be delivered
  • Produce materials that help address the above. This might include guidance on technical issues, such as assessing cumulative impacts across multiple sites and features; making data on habitats and species more accessible, or raising awareness of MPAs.
  • Deliever actions identified by stakeholders and develop a series of proposals
  • Set up governance arrangements and finances that make MPA management in Argyll more sustainable

The steering group of c 20 people guides the MarPAMM activities in Argyll. Steering group members represent various regulatory authorities and stakeholders from all relevant sectors from across Argyll.

A wider liaison group is currently being developed that can raise issues at steering group meetings.

For more information, please contact the Argyll MPA Planning and Data Officer for Argyll, Amie Williams, on 0300 224 9360.



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