Tuesday 30th April – Oban – The Rockfield Centre – 2pm-8pm

Day one of the three day MarPAMM-Argyll community drop-in events began in Oban at the Rockfield Centre. Resources were made available to the public and included: the wider MarPAMM project leaflet, a two-page summary of MarPAMM-Argyll, an A3 map of the Argyll Marine Region, an A1 map illustrating the MPAs in Argyll, a summary table of the MPAs in Argyll listing the features as well as various site-specific summary documents previously produced by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). A range of stakeholders engaged with us in Oban including a member of staff from Argyll & Bute council, recreational anglers and a few members of the local community. In total seven people attended the event. Generally the discussions were not issue specific, but more a holistic overview of what the project aims to achieve and discussing the possible forms the management plans could take.

Wednesday 1st May – Campbeltown –Kintyre Community Education Centre – 2pm-8pm

Day two of the drop-in events took place at the Kintyre Community Education Centre in Campbeltown. As with the Oban event, seven people came along however we interacted with two distinct groups of stakeholderthroughout day: individuals from thecommercial fishing industry and Marine Scotland Compliance. One of the attendees from Marine Scotland Compliance was Joanne (Jo) Holbrook who is a member the Steering Group formed as part of the MarPAMM-Argyll project. This allowed the MarPAMM-Argyll Project Officer to give Jo a more detailed background on the project and provide clarity prior to the first Steering Group meeting in June.

Thursday 2nd May – Lochgilphead – Lochgilphead Community Education Centre – 2pm-8pm

Day three took place at the Lochgilphead Community Education Centre. The session was busy from the start, with as many as six attendees at a time. A range of interested stakeholders attended the Lochgilphead event with attendees from the commercial fishing industry, local environmental non-government organisations (NGOs), the local community and community councillors and individuals from the recreation sector. The layout of the centre meant that people were able to come in and have a chat while waiting for other activities to begin. A total of 18 people attended this event.