We held a series of events during July 2019, at which we aimed to create an environment in which we could listen to any views or concerns, and provide information about the SEASOH project and its aims.

We held our events alongside a Government consultation on three new protected areas that have been proposed for the Outer Hebrides. While the consultation itself was seeking views on the three new proposed areas, we were there to deal more generally with protected areas around the whole of the Outer Hebrides, and to seek interest within communities to engage with us further.

At the events, we carried out a short, face to face survey to gather information on preferred formats for future events. From the 38 responses that we had, we saw that participants expressed willingness to participate in future workshops, but would also value family events, creative events and the chance to participate in local monitoring and research. We are developing a community survey to run this winter, but would also like to offer anyone the chance to express views and set out a vision for the future in private interviews and meetings.