We held a series of events around the islands during the February schools break. We wanted to reach out to island communities and find out what’s important to them about the marine environment and marine management.

We worked with local artists to deliver an innovative and fresh engagement format that resulted in some fantastic prints and paper ‘message’ boats (see photos).

Many hardy souls came along despite the stormy weather so we would like to heartily thank these community members for their efforts to make it along and speak with us.

From these events, and from an online survey to be launched in early March, we are gathering a range of views across the islands to form an initial idea of scope for a Marine Protected Areas management plan, and to understand the benefits that communities would like to gain from having Marine Protected Areas.

What we learn from these events and from our online survey will be presented back to communities on our website and at further events.

If you are interested in having a SEASOH event in your area please contact Charlie Main charlie.main@uhi.ac.uk